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First thing to note, I know nothing about music reviews. Nor do I know how to write technically about the sound of music. It's more of a 'loud sounding song' type description when it comes to my abilities. But here I am, trying, because I really like music and discovering 'new' artists. Like other people, I am a slave to listening to popular stuff because it's easy to find and you can enjoy it. You know when you're slut-dropping in da club you can totally shuffle to Uptown Funk with everyone else because you can all sing along be happy? As much as I love to do that (not so much the slut dropping part), I think everyone feels a sense of accomplishment when they discover a cool new artist; I'm now sharing it with you guys (and supposedly I have a good music taste).

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So, Mac Demarco (real name: Vernor Winfield Macbriare Smith IV; this is not even shit you can make up)? A dungaree-wearing, gappy-toothed, laid-back pseudo-bumpkin who enjoys dipping his toe in the 'jizz jazz' genre - as he likes to call it. Born and raised in Canada, Mac certainly has an outlandish music style and personality like nobody else. Other musicians hailed from Canada include (the wonderfully disastrous) Justin Bieber, Michael Buble and Celine Dion with Mac certainly not being a chip off of the old block. Mac uses everything possible: his voice, guitar, drums, keyboard in order to create a nouveau musical experience. I would say '[insert one artist's name here] meets [insert one artist's name here]', but his sound is impossible to pin down. Spacey-soul music with a dash of country and whining? As you can tell, I'm not very good at this.

To further his appeal, he is pretty fucking mental (see video above). If his gappy-tooth, foul-mouthedness wasn't enough, his music videos are pretty strange to say the least. Example 1: In his video 'My Kind of Woman' he applies makeup poorly and then proceeds to perform as (what I can only explain) a horny, stoned, Stepford Wife turned prostitute, that got kicked out of the village because she slept with everybody else's husband. Example 2: In 'Passing Out the Pieces' he lays in a bath of cabbages like the Teletubby sun whilst giving birth to (ironically) another cabbage. Oh Mac, you never fail to amuse.

With three albums under the belt (Salad Days, Rock and Roll Night Club and 2), Mac is certainly defining his sound with a bang. The perfect time to listen to his music is definitely if you feel sad and need reminding that there are stranger people than you in the world in the world. He's also one of my commuting artists too; listening to him on the tube is transporting (mentally, as well as physically, because ya know, I'm on a train) and I don't think he's rated enough. Also if you're chilling with friends or having a few drinks, he's definitely the one to listen to.

To hear the full Mac Demarco discography, I have compiled it all in one, sultry country playlist for you below.


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